About us

Hypatia Foundation Promoting Equality was established in February 2015 as a research and action non-profit organization to promote the principles of equality regardless of race, nationality, disability, religion, age or gender in all aspects of social, political and economic life. 

Hypatia is dedicated to monitor and develop policy promoting gender equality. It also committed to eliminate discrimination at all levels of social, political and economic life, placing particular focus on employment, the education system and the functioning of public institutions. As such, Hypatia is focusing its operation to the following activities: 

• Conducting research on gender discrimination
• Monitoring the implementation of relative legislation and policy that safeguard the principles of gender equality and combat discrimination of all forms, especially discriminations against women who are most vulnerable (single parents, immigrants)
• Monitoring the execution of legislation relating to the protection of women who are victims of violence, and the functioning of related support and protection mechanisms for battered women or women who are victims to trafficking for sexual exploitation
• Educating men and women on gender equality issues and the principles of equal treatment of men and women at the work place and the elimination of discrimination practices joining action with other organizations and institutions in Cyprus and abroad
• Advocating the filling of complaints and /or reporting of violations on gender equality legislation to relevant bodies
• Conducting analysis and evaluation of gender equality policy and practices that are applied in Cyprus and drafts relevant recommendations to improve application of legislation and the function of related mechanisms for social protection
• Hosting awareness building events, conferences and workshops to raise awareness on gender equality issues and build networks with other actors active in the field in Cyprus and abroad
• Applies for European, national and international funding to implement programmes and initiatives in collaboration with other related actors in Cyprus and abroad who share or can contribute to the mission of Hypatia.

Hypatia is a member of the National Committee of the National Mechanism for Women’s Rights. In that capacity, Hypatia advises the Council of Ministers on policies, programmes and legislation promoting women’s rights but also contributes to the sensitization of the public sector on equality issues.  

HYPATIA Aims and Objectives

Foundation of HYPATIA

Statute  of HYPATIA